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Introduction to Arabic Courses (Standard & Spoken)

These courses will contain everything an individual needs to learn the Arabic Language (Standard or Spoken) from complete beginner to advanced level. We teach mainly Primary Levels of Arabic to expatriates. It starts with the Alphabets, Introduction, Vocabulary, Sentences and Essential grammar by new methods of teaching without complications. This aims at developing a basic proficiency in Arabic, based on structures and vocabulary related to everyday business and social situation: Greetings, Introduction, ordering food, exchanging money, shopping etc.

Course designed for:

The course is designed for the learners from all walks of life and it is suitable for all non-Arabs irrespective of different nationalities. Some may learn to help their children with their Arabic homework from school. Others may want to develop their communication ability with their Arabic-speaking family, friends and colleagues. We also welcome lots of people working in UAE who need to speak Arabic as part of their job or are looking to develop their career prospects and also for the one who want to Learn Language to Read and Understand Quranic Arabic and etc.



Course (Levels) Name

  • Arabic Language For Professionals                         40 Hours  (Specially Designed for Working Professionals)
  • Arabic Language Level- 1  (Primary)                        20 Hours
  • Arabic Language Level- 2 (Upper Primary)           20 Hours
  • Arabic Language Level- 3 (Pre Intermediate)      20 Hours
  • Arabic Language Level- 4 (Intermediate)              20 Hours
  • Arabic Language (Advanced)                                     40 Hours  ( A Graduation Level Course)


Class Schedule & Timings:

Classes are generally held for two hours, twice a week. Each level runs for a duration of 20 hours unless specified otherwise, so they take approximately 5 weeks to complete each level. We also have options of altered packages & sometimes offer intensive programs, where the courses are completed more quickly within a month, by increasing the contact hours per week.


We focus on providing a firm basement in Arabic oral communications to get students speaking the language straight away. By the end of the first class, students will know how to greet someone and reply, introduce themselves and ask if you would like a tea or coffee and reply.

A Unique Course for Learning Day to Day Spoken Arabic in Easy Way with the modern methods of teaching, by using the means of Audio Visual and group conversations. By the end of this course Candidate will be able to understand and respond to day to day colloquial Arabic for the areas covered in the course.


Class Schedule & Timings:

Course Duration: 30 hours in 3 weeks (15 classes of 2 hours, Evening classes) or flexible to the client requirements or convenience.