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Lockout Tagout (LOTO)

Lockout Tagout Course Objective:

The Lockout Tagout (LOTO) course is designed to educate participants on the proper procedures and practices for the control of hazardous energy during equipment maintenance or servicing. Lockout Tagout course aims to ensure that participants understand the principles of LOTO, can identify potential hazards, and implement effective energy control measures to protect themselves and others.

Who Should Attend?

This course is essential for individuals involved in equipment maintenance, repair, and servicing, including:

    Maintenance Personnel

    Maintenance Supervisors

    Health and Safety Officers

    Facility Managers


    Anyone involved in activities requiring the control of hazardous energy


There are no specific prerequisites for this course. However, participants are expected to have a basic understanding of workplace safety practices and the machinery or equipment they work with.

Topics Covered:

Model I: Introduction to Lockout Tagout (LOTO)

      • Overview of LOTO Regulations and Standards
      • Importance of LOTO in Workplace Safety
      • Legal and Regulatory Framework

Module 2: Types of Hazardous Energy

      • Understanding Different Forms of Energy (e.g., electrical, mechanical, hydraulic)
      • Recognizing Potential Hazards
      • Energy Isolation Devices

Module 3: LOTO Procedures and Documentation

      • Developing and Implementing LOTO Procedures
      • Creation and Use of LOTO Tags
      • Documentation and Recordkeeping

Module 4: Lockout Devices and Equipment

      • Types of Lockout Devices
      • Proper Application of Locks and Tags
      • Selection and Use of Lockout Equipment

Module 5: Group Lockout and Shift Changes

      • Group LOTO Procedures
      • Shift Change Protocols
      • Communication during LOTO

Module 6: Training and Communication

      • Employee Training on LOTO Procedures
      • Effective Communication During LOTO
      • Periodic Review and Refresher Training

Module 7: Periodic Inspection and Testing

      • Inspecting and Testing Lockout Devices
      • Verifying Effectiveness of LOTO Procedures
      • Corrective Actions for Deficiencies

Module 8: LOTO in Specific Industries

      • Tailoring LOTO Practices to Different Industries
      • Case Studies in Industry-Specific LOTO Challenges and Solutions

Module 9: Regulatory Compliance

      • Understanding OSHA and other Regulatory Requirements
      • Compliance Audits and Inspections
      • Reporting and Recordkeeping

Module 10: Continuous Improvement and Best Practices

      • Reviewing and Updating LOTO Procedures
      • Lessons Learned from Incidents
      • Incorporating Best Practices in LOTO Programs

    Section I: Introduction to Health & Safety

    Section II: Basic terminologies in Health and Safety

    Section III: International Legislation and Standards

    • ANSI Z390.1
    • API RP 49
    • API RP 55

    Section IV: H2S Formation

    Section V: H2S Locations

    Section VI: Properties and Characteristics

    Section VII: Exposure Limits

    Section VIII: Work Procedures and Practices

    Section IX: Contingency Plans and Detection Equipment

    Section X: Personal Protective Equipment

    Section XI:

    • Breathing Apparatus(SCBA)
    • Air Purifying Respirators
    • Supplied Air Respirator
    • Closed Circuit SCBA
    • Limitations
    • Storage

    Section XII:

    • Emergency Response
    • Inhalation Exposure
    • Dermal/Eye Exposure

    Section XIII:

    • Well site Safety
    • Planning
    • Daily Checking/Monitoring
    • Special Precautions


Participants who successfully complete the course and assessments will receive a certification indicating their proficiency in understanding and applying COSHH Training principles. This certification demonstrates the participant’s ability to contribute to a safe and healthy working environment in compliance with COSHH Training regulations.

Upcoming Batch / Course Calendar:

Course Name Course Duration New Batch Start Dates
Lockout Tagout 3 Hours As Per The Requirements

Course Tutorials: