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Heart Saver Course (First Aid, CPR, AED)


Enroll in our AHA Heartsaver First Aid Course to learn life-saving techniques. Designed for the general public and professionals, we provide top-notch AHA materials and teaching resources for comprehensive training in First Aid, CPR, and AED.

AHA Heartsaver First Aid Course Content:

Who Should attend?:

AHA Heartsaver First Aid course is ideal for individuals without medical training who require a first aid course completion card to fulfill the job, regulatory, or other obligations.

Learning Outcome:

Upon successful completion of AHA Heartsaver First Aid course, delegates will gain the skills to promptly respond to first aid situations, promote injury prevention measures, and receive an AHA Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, and AED course completion card.

Course Delivery:

Points To Note:

Upcoming Batch / Course Calendar:

Course Name Course Duration New Batch Start Dates
Heart saver Course (First Aid, CPR, AED) (ISMS) 4-6 hours As Per The Requirements

Course Tutorials: