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NEBOSH HSE Award In Managing Risks And Working At Height Risk Assessment


The NEBOSH HSE Award in Managing Risks and Working At Height Risk Assessment is a comprehensive course designed to provide participants with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively manage risks and conduct risk assessments in a workplace setting. The NEBOSH Working At Height Risk Assessment course is a collaboration between NEBOSH and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), combining their expertise to deliver a high-quality learning experience.

Working At Height Risk Assessment Course Content:

Introduction to Risk Management:

Understanding the concept of risk.

Identifying different types of workplace risks.

The importance of managing risks effectively.

Principles of Risk Assessment:

Definition of risk assessment.

Legal and regulatory requirements for risk assessment .

Key components of a risk assessment process .

The hierarchy of controls .

Risk Assessment Techniques :

Qualitative and quantitative risk assessment methods.

Identifying and evaluating hazards.

Assessing the likelihood and severity of risks.

Using risk matrices and scoring systems.

Root Cause Analysis:

Introduction to root cause analysis and its significance.

Common methods for conducting root cause analysis.

Identifying contributing factors and underlying causes.

Recording and Reviewing Risk Assessments:

Documenting risk assessments effectively.

Keeping records of risk assessments and outcomes.

The importance of reviewing and updating risk assessments.

Communication and Implementation of Control Measures:

Effectively communicating risk assessment findings .

Ensuring understanding and compliance with control measures.

Integrating risk management into the organization's culture.

Who Should Attend?

NEBOSH Working At Height Risk Assessment course is suitable for individuals with health and safety responsibilities in their workplace, including but not limited to:

Health and Safety Managers and Coordinators.

Supervisors and Team Leaders .

Risk Assessors and Safety Officers.

Health and Safety Representatives.

Anyone involved in the risk management process .


There are no specific prerequisites for attending NEBOSH Working At Height Risk Assessment course. However, participants should have a basic understanding of health and safety principles and practices in the workplace.

Learning Outcome:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Understand the fundamental principles of risk management.

Conduct effective risk assessments using appropriate techniques.

Apply control measures to reduce and mitigate workplace risks.

Communicate risk assessment findings clearly and concisely.

Play an active role in fostering a safe and risk-aware workplace culture.

Points To Note:

Mode of Training:

Courses are held in face-to-face, distance learning, in-company training and eLearning methods.

Language - English, Arabic.

Cost - Depends on the mode of study you choose.

Assessment: NEBOSH Working At Height Risk Assessment course includes a Practical assessment of Approximately 60 minutes and on successful completion, delegates will be awarded a certificate of achievement. In case the delegate does not qualify for the exam but attended the entire course can re-sit for the exam accordingly.


It is a one-day course which involves a practical assessment at the end of the course.
Taught hours: 6 hours
Assessment: 1 hour
Total hours: 7 hours

Course Tutor(s):

The NEBOSH Working At Height Risk Assessment course will be conducted by experienced health and safety professionals with expertise in risk management and risk assessment. These tutors will guide participants throughout the training, provide support, and clarify any doubts or questions that may arise during the course.

Note: The course content and structure may be subject to updates and modifications by NEBOSH and HSE to align with the latest industry standards and best practices. Participants are advised to check with the training provider for the most current information before enrolling in the course.

Upcoming Batch / Course Calendar:

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